We often think of health and wellness as a means of honing our physical self by improving strength, flexibility, and cardio, along with watching the food and other substances we put in our body. But the concept of holistic wellness involves looking beyond the mere physical self, recognizing that mental wellness is an equal, if not more important, a facet of our overall health. After all, it’s our mind that convinces our body to get to the gym before work, to keep pushing when we’re…Continue Reading “A Look at the Many Benefits of Mindfulness”

We have described the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation a number of times here at Holistic Wellness LA. The fact is, you can’t have a holistic approach to keeping your body well if you neglect specific care for your mind. That’s where stress-soothing meditative practice comes in.   A jumpstart to a mindful life, meditation is an essential tool for calming the constant noise clattering through our head. Even slight changes resulting from meditation can have profound positive effects on our physical and mental…Continue Reading “2 Best Supplies to Help You Meditate”

A good night’s sleep is close to sacred in today’s fast-paced world. Unfortunately, failing to care for your mattress, even the best of them, will limit its comfort over time. Take these few tips to heart in order to maximize your mattress’s effectiveness!   Rotate, baby, rotate. No doubt you’ve heard this before, but the number one tip for extending the life of your mattress is to rotate it regularly. Everyone has their favorite sleeping positions, and over time these spots we stick to tend…Continue Reading “4 Great Mattress Care Tips”

Cleaning around the home is always a task, especially when your roommate is a fuzzy cuddle buddy (also known as dog). Throughout the house, different surfaces – wood, linoleum, caulk and ceramic tile – demand different products, and adding in some fabric stain removing power on top will leave you with a menagerie of various spray bottles lying around. If only there were something you could make at home… That could clean countertops, clothes, bathrooms, carpet stains and more… Turns out, there is! At least,…Continue Reading “Fermented Citrus Enzyme Cleaner”

We all know that soda isn’t an ideal drink for a healthy body. But it’s important to be practical and recognize that soda is a still a big part of American culture – this year’s gymnastic halftime show by an inspired Lady Gaga was sponsored by none other than Pepsi Zero Sugar. Though soda use is falling across the country, this advertising may still be worth its buck. A full third of Americans drink sugar-sweetened sodas daily, and millions of others consume diet sodas instead…Continue Reading “What to Drink Instead of Soda”

If you haven’t already… Check out Part 1 of Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues and read our first round of tips for staying healthy in the winter time! Being knocked out of your daily routine by a wicked cold or virus can be frustrating, especially when the outside world chooses a less than ideal time to get you sick. Like before an important interview, a show, a first date, hell – a weekend. Prevention is always the best medicine, whether you’re keeping the house clean…Continue Reading “Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues – Part 2”

Searching for the perfect mattress can be a pain. It’s a big decision – after all, you can expect to spend a quarter to a third of your life on that mattress, depending on how much sleep you need a night. Brick-and-mortar store experiences mean dealing with determined salespeople hoping to keep you from heading to the store down the street. Buying online forces you to run the risk of hating whatever shows up in the mail (which is why Brentwood Home offers a fantastic…Continue Reading “3 Reasons to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress”

We’ve all felt it before – you wake up from a great night’s sleep with a little scratch at the back of your throat. The day goes on just fine as you go about your business at work, school, home, and in the community. But the next morning that scratch is worse, now feeling sore. Today, you just don’t seem to have the energy. Finally, Day 3 comes and that sore throat has gotten worse, joined by its ugly friends: the hacking cough, the fever,…Continue Reading “Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues – Part I”

We love this great recipe for soothing a scratchy or a sore throat! Fresh ginger gives this tea a sharp foundation, but the honey and orange juice ensure a sweet finish. If you’re already feeling sick, this drink is perfect for calming a testy throat with zesty spice. But the antimicrobial properties of honey will help you heal and prevent illness as well!   Ingredients  1 tbsp. ginger, peeled and grated 1 cup water 1 cup fresh orange juice ½ fresh lemon 1 tbsp. organic…Continue Reading “Citrus Ginger Tea Recipe”

Pets can be an important part of living well. Dogs provide a source of near-constant energy to keep you on the go, while cats are companions who give both independence and love. Having a pet in the house can bring joy to you, your friends, and your family, but there’s no doubt that our furry friends bring some funky scents along with them. Figuring out how to get rid of pet odor often involves chemical sprays with dizzying ingredient lists. Every spray seems to promise…Continue Reading “How to Get Rid of Pet Odor – The Natural Way”