Having trouble catching quality Zzzzz’s? Here are seven remedies for sound sleep you’ve been dreaming of.     Put away all electronics before bed. Now that we live in an age where we’re often glued to our phones, it makes going to sleep that much harder. Brightly lit screens from phones, tablets, and laptops, not only keep us from falling asleep but also cause great damage to our eyes and overall health.     According to Business Insider, the blue light emitted from LED screens…Continue Reading “7 Remedies For Sound Sleep”

Pets can be an important part of living well. Dogs provide a source of near-constant energy to keep you on the go, while cats are companions who give both independence and love. Having a pet in the house can bring joy to you, your friends, and your family, but there’s no doubt that our furry friends bring some funky scents along with them. Figuring out how to get rid of pet odor often involves chemical sprays with dizzying ingredient lists. Every spray seems to promise…Continue Reading “How to Get Rid of Pet Odor – The Natural Way”

The wintry mix of wind and rain is upon us here, but never fear… for that means it’s tea time! Nothing is quite so cozy as hearing rain patter on the rooftop as you sip on a steamy cup of herbal tea. So when the temperature starts falling outside, we head straight to the kitchen cabinet and reach for our favorites. One can find an amazing variety of teas online or at the market, making tea a great drink for any time of year. From…Continue Reading “5 Types of Herbal Teas and Their Benefits”