When it comes to our health and wellness, it seems that we often invest all of our efforts in one facet but disregard the others. Maybe you pay great attention to the food you eat but lack consideration of your mental health. Lasting transformation comes down to finding balance in all areas: mind, body, and spirit. Here are ten transformative habits for your health and wellness. MIND Surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you. You’ve heard the saying that you become like those…Continue Reading “10 TRANSFORMATIVE HABITS FOR YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS”

Having trouble catching quality Zzzzz’s? Here are seven remedies for sound sleep you’ve been dreaming of.     Put away all electronics before bed. Now that we live in an age where we’re often glued to our phones, it makes going to sleep that much harder. Brightly lit screens from phones, tablets, and laptops, not only keep us from falling asleep but also cause great damage to our eyes and overall health.     According to Business Insider, the blue light emitted from LED screens…Continue Reading “7 Remedies For Sound Sleep”

Breathing is something so natural, so fundamental, that we never even notice it unless we are reminded. Yet, proper breathing technique, such as you would study in a yoga class, is essential to our well-being! Noticing and controlling our breath reduces stress at its very roots, stabilizes our blood pressure, improves our mental clarity, and helps us stay calm and relaxed. You do not have to be a yoga expert to start practicing healthy breathing techniques right now – here are three simple yoga breathing…Continue Reading “Yoga Breathing Exercises for Beginners”

For those wishing to use natural remedies and practices whenever possible and to incorporate holistic wellness practices whenever possible, it’s a good idea to keep some necessary supplies on hand that will allow you to handle minor injuries and maladies that can strike while at home or while traveling. By taking the time to put together a kit, and taking it with you when traveling or camping, you’ll be sure to have what you need, when you need it. When to Use First Aid All…Continue Reading “Must-Haves for a Natural First Aid Kit”

  The addition of houseplants to your home can not only improve the air quality of your home, but plants can contribute to a pleasing and relaxed atmosphere, can provide color and cheer to any space, and can even become part of your holistic wellness regime by giving critical healing ingredients. Caring for a houseplant can also be meditative and therapeutic for many. So which plants should you consider for your home? Here are a few to consider.   Aloe Vera   Aloe Vera is…Continue Reading “Healing Plants You Can Grow at Home”

If you haven’t already… Check out Part 1 of Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues and read our first round of tips for staying healthy in the winter time! Being knocked out of your daily routine by a wicked cold or virus can be frustrating, especially when the outside world chooses a less than ideal time to get you sick. Like before an important interview, a show, a first date, hell – a weekend. Prevention is always the best medicine, whether you’re keeping the house clean…Continue Reading “Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues – Part 2”

We’ve all felt it before – you wake up from a great night’s sleep with a little scratch at the back of your throat. The day goes on just fine as you go about your business at work, school, home, and in the community. But the next morning that scratch is worse, now feeling sore. Today, you just don’t seem to have the energy. Finally, Day 3 comes and that sore throat has gotten worse, joined by its ugly friends: the hacking cough, the fever,…Continue Reading “Avoiding the Winter Bug Blues – Part I”