Having trouble catching quality Zzzzz’s? Here are seven remedies for sound sleep you’ve been dreaming of.     Put away all electronics before bed. Now that we live in an age where we’re often glued to our phones, it makes going to sleep that much harder. Brightly lit screens from phones, tablets, and laptops, not only keep us from falling asleep but also cause great damage to our eyes and overall health.     According to Business Insider, the blue light emitted from LED screens…Continue Reading “7 Remedies For Sound Sleep”

Breathing is something so natural, so fundamental, that we never even notice it unless we are reminded. Yet, proper breathing technique, such as you would study in a yoga class, is essential to our well-being! Noticing and controlling our breath reduces stress at its very roots, stabilizes our blood pressure, improves our mental clarity, and helps us stay calm and relaxed. You do not have to be a yoga expert to start practicing healthy breathing techniques right now – here are three simple yoga breathing…Continue Reading “Yoga Breathing Exercises for Beginners”

We often think of health and wellness as a means of honing our physical self by improving strength, flexibility, and cardio, along with watching the food and other substances we put in our body. But the concept of holistic wellness involves looking beyond the mere physical self, recognizing that mental wellness is an equal, if not more important, a facet of our overall health. After all, it’s our mind that convinces our body to get to the gym before work, to keep pushing when we’re…Continue Reading “A Look at the Many Benefits of Mindfulness”

We have described the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation a number of times here at Holistic Wellness LA. The fact is, you can’t have a holistic approach to keeping your body well if you neglect specific care for your mind. That’s where stress-soothing meditative practice comes in.   A jumpstart to a mindful life, meditation is an essential tool for calming the constant noise clattering through our head. Even slight changes resulting from meditation can have profound positive effects on our physical and mental…Continue Reading “2 Best Supplies to Help You Meditate”