We hear many messages from every corner of our lives urging us to take good care of ourselves. “Exercise!” “Eat right!” “Stop and smell the roses!” But is it really a big deal? After all, most of us can just toss back some coffee and push through our day without taking the time to work out or meditate. If you are able to step back and take an objective look, you will find that there are many good reasons to pay closer attention to the…Continue Reading “The Importance of Health, Fitness, and Wellness”

With all the discussion about avoiding high-fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar, many are looking for alternatives to sweeten their food. If you are interested in natural sweeteners that can provide other, more holistic benefits beyond their sweet taste, look no further than these ten alternatives.  Each offers unique flavors and other potential benefits that make them suitable options, depending on your needs.   Maple Syrup   Pure maple syrup offers excellent sweetening power while also providing antioxidants and minerals. Because it is so…Continue Reading “10 Natural Ways to Sweeten Your Food”

Cleaning around the home is always a task, especially when your roommate is a fuzzy cuddle buddy (also known as dog). Throughout the house, different surfaces – wood, linoleum, caulk and ceramic tile – demand different products, and adding in some fabric stain removing power on top will leave you with a menagerie of various spray bottles lying around. If only there were something you could make at home… That could clean countertops, clothes, bathrooms, carpet stains and more… Turns out, there is! At least,…Continue Reading “Fermented Citrus Enzyme Cleaner”

We all know that soda isn’t an ideal drink for a healthy body. But it’s important to be practical and recognize that soda is a still a big part of American culture – this year’s gymnastic halftime show by an inspired Lady Gaga was sponsored by none other than Pepsi Zero Sugar. Though soda use is falling across the country, this advertising may still be worth its buck. A full third of Americans drink sugar-sweetened sodas daily, and millions of others consume diet sodas instead…Continue Reading “What to Drink Instead of Soda”

We love this great recipe for soothing a scratchy or a sore throat! Fresh ginger gives this tea a sharp foundation, but the honey and orange juice ensure a sweet finish. If you’re already feeling sick, this drink is perfect for calming a testy throat with zesty spice. But the antimicrobial properties of honey will help you heal and prevent illness as well!   Ingredients  1 tbsp. ginger, peeled and grated 1 cup water 1 cup fresh orange juice ½ fresh lemon 1 tbsp. organic…Continue Reading “Citrus Ginger Tea Recipe”

The wintry mix of wind and rain is upon us here, but never fear… for that means it’s tea time! Nothing is quite so cozy as hearing rain patter on the rooftop as you sip on a steamy cup of herbal tea. So when the temperature starts falling outside, we head straight to the kitchen cabinet and reach for our favorites. One can find an amazing variety of teas online or at the market, making tea a great drink for any time of year. From…Continue Reading “5 Types of Herbal Teas and Their Benefits”