2 Best Supplies to Help You Meditate

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We have described the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation a number of times here at Holistic Wellness LA. The fact is, you can’t have a holistic approach to keeping your body well if you neglect specific care for your mind. That’s where stress-soothing meditative practice comes in.


A jumpstart to a mindful life, meditation is an essential tool for calming the constant noise clattering through our head. Even slight changes resulting from meditation can have profound positive effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. Check out our list of the best supplies to help you meditate consistently and comfortably.


Find the Right Aroma

A great way to slip into a more meditative frame of mind is to use smell. In the brain, our sense of scents passes through the brain areas associated with emotion and memory – unlike all our other senses. This wiring may explain why emotions tend to trigger a feeling of reminiscing even more strongly than sights and sounds.

You can take advantage of your innate neural organization! Burn a specific candle or essential oil (we like cedar, sage, or sandalwood) every time you meditate at home, even if it’s just for a few minutes. With enough repetition, your brain will associate the scent with the mindset, saving you time and effort by making it easier to slip into a meditative state of mind.


Hit the Comfort Zone

When you first begin your journey into meditative and mindful practice, your meditation sessions probably won’t last long. That’s perfectly okay – even expected! But as you continue to build your brain’s “mindfulness muscle,” your sessions will only increase in length. Just wait til you’re regularly undergoing 30+ minutes of meditation!

It’s important to keep your physical body as comfortable as possible during your meditation. That’s why we recommend a meditation pillow to provide easy support for your spine and backside. With its removable cover and inside full of natural buckwheat hulls, Brentwood Home’s Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow is a perfect choice to keep your body comfortable for long periods of sitting.

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