3 Reasons to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

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Searching for the perfect mattress can be a pain. It’s a big decision – after all, you can expect to spend a quarter to a third of your life on that mattress, depending on how much sleep you need a night. Brick-and-mortar store experiences mean dealing with determined salespeople hoping to keep you from heading to the store down the street. Buying online forces you to run the risk of hating whatever shows up in the mail (which is why Brentwood Home offers a fantastic 120-day money back guarantee).

The biggest decision in the modern mattress era is whether to go with traditional metal spring mattresses or to try the recently in vogue memory foam variety. Here are three reasons you might want to buy a memory foam mattress.


  1. Sleep how you want to sleep.

Side, back, stomach, forehead – humans have a lot of different ways they like to position themselves for a comfortable sleep. A traditional spring mattress might limit how you sleep, as they’re designed mainly for back sleepers. Memory foam mattresses are better at accommodating varied sleep positions, as they mold to any set of pressure points your body might produce in a given position.


  1. Go stealth mode.

We all know sleeping with a partner in the same bed can be cause for consternation. In fact, it’s estimated that at least one partner loses about 45 minutes of sleep a night due to the effect of having someone else in bed.

Memory foam mattresses are great because they absorb and quickly disperse weight and motion as opposed to transferring it across the mattress. That means when your partner is rolling out of bed to use the bathroom at 3 AM, you won’t notice a thing!


  1. Reduce pressure, increase peace of mind.

Metal springs are bouncy by nature – if you push them, they push back. It’s this interaction between the push of your body and the push of the springs in the opposite direction, that provides support when you sleep. But that pushback can also cause pain, and there’s nothing worse than

Memory foam, on the other hand, likes to conform to rather than repel your body. It accepts the weight of your body until and can’t compress anymore, leaving you with less focalized pressure on your back, side, or stomach. The different mechanism of support might help you avoid waking up with pain from last night’s sleep.





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