Natural Latex Mattress West Adams

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex mattresses have grown in popularity as people become more conscious about consumption and quality control in the products they purchase. Depending on the materials, chemicals, and process used to make a mattress, natural latex mattresses on the market vary widely. To be considered “natural," the products should be sourced from organic resources, and blended products generally don’t make the cut to be considered natural. When mattresses are made with latex, more often than not synthetic materials made from petrochemicals are used in the processing. In order to avoid unnecessary chemicals found in mattresses, look for those made of natural or organic latex. Natural latex also offers protection against bed bugs, dust mites, among other allergens.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

Not all mattresses made with latex are created equal. Latex foam that is poured into flat molds offers little in the way of support or targeted pressure relief. The latex mattresses offered by BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and Stearns and Foster (S&F) are made in this manner. Their products tend to be very firm with no targeted areas to address pain or stress. Comparatively, the mattresses from Brentwood Home are designed with a layer of natural latex foam which provides targeted support to five specific areas of the body. Furthermore, Brentwood Home mattress foam is sculpted into three targeted pressure relief zones. The mattresses currently offered by BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and S&F do not seem to offer the same targeted attention to pressure point support. Instead, they are designed to adapt and conform to the shape of your body over use.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

It is also important to take into consideration the materials mattresses are made of. Always look for labels that certify a mattress has non-toxic materials and that those materials were not treated with any chemicals. Many mattress manufacturers use materials that contain chemicals and materials that can be considered toxic and can break down over a period of time. Exposure to these toxins can potentially lead to future health problems or aggravation of existing conditions. None of the mattresses offered by Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, or Tempurpedic have been certified as nontoxic. Further, Brentwood Home natural mattresses are certified to be made of non-toxic materials and are treated with chemical-free fire retardants. Before finally deciding which mattress suits you best make sure you do thorough research.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

You can get everything you want, and nothing you don’t, in a mattress made by Brentwood Home as opposed to one from a major national brand. Improving the quality of sleep is attainable with the chemical free, high-quality Brentwood Home mattress. Brentwood Home’s natural latex mattresses are also hand-tufted, which ensures high-quality craftsmanship with every mattress. Not all products offer this feature. It just goes to show how Brentwood Home pays attention to the details and considers every feature of the mattress to be important. Additionally, Brentwood Home offers a 25-year warranty - that’s 15 years longer than the competition! They also offer a 120-night free trial, so you can decide for yourself if their natural latex mattresses are right for you. All orders come with easy returns and free shipping to make sure your choice the right one. Contact Brentwood Home today to find out more about how you can get natural latex mattresses for everyone in your family.