Natural Latex Mattress Virginia Beach

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees which is harvested and collected by tapping the trunks. The sap is mixed with other organic compounds to form a gel-like material which is then processed using several varying methods to produce the latex used to make mattresses. Truly natural latex has the benefit of being a renewable and sustainable product free from contaminants and synthetic materials. It takes less energy to produce natural latex, provides longer life to mattresses (up to 25 years), and safeguards against health issues found when using synthetic mattresses. Natural latex mattresses tend to offer a firmer support that allows you to feel more relaxed and refreshed after a full night’s sleep. Yet another attractive property of natural latex is that it naturally repels dust mites and germs. Additionally, natural latex mattresses tend to have cooler surfaces due to better airflow. You can purchase a latex mattress from most major retailers. Unfortunately, most of those mattresses have not been certified as natural.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

When you compare mattresses made with latex, not all are created equal. A mattress shaped into flat molds, for instance, can offer little in the way of targeted support or pressure relief. The latex products being sold by the major brands, BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and Stearns and Foster (S&F), are made in this manner. Their mattresses are flat and firm and do not offer any targeted zones for support. Comparatively, the mattresses from Brentwood Home are designed with a layer of natural latex foam which provides targeted support to five specific areas of the body. Additionally, Brentwood Home mattress foam is sculpted into three zones that target major pressure points. BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and S&F do not provide that additional attention to your pressure points in their mattresses. Instead, they are designed to conform to your body shape over the course of use.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

For those seeking a mattress made of eco-friendly materials, you may be faced with a challenge. Oftentimes, it is difficult to discern exactly what materials were used to make a mattress. Mattresses certified as non-toxic are the only ones made from 100% natural materials and free of toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. You can also investigate whether a mattress has been treated with chemical fire retardants during processing. A scan of the latex mattresses made by BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and S&F reveals that none are certified as non-toxic. This means that their mattresses will be comprised of some amount of synthetic material. Of the products we reviewed, Brentwood Home latex mattresses are the only ones holding a non-toxic certification. Brentwood Home details on their website that their mattresses are made from 100% natural latex harvested in Vietnam, certified organic cotton, organic wool from New Zealand, and organic coconut husk materials. When examining the treatments used to meet fire retardant standards, Brentwood Home mattresses avoid petroleum-based materials, formaldehyde, or toxic adhesives. Instead, they rely on natural materials, like wool, to meet safety standards. BeautyRest, Tempurpedic, and S&F, comparatively, do use chemicals to treat their mattresses. It should be noted that most mattress manufacturers choose to use chemicals in this manner as it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective for them. The natural alternatives can be much more expensive and take more time and effort to implement.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

When comparing these specific manufacturers, BeautyRest Black, Tempurpedic, Stearns and Foster, Saatva, and Brentwood Home, the best option in terms of materials, features, health/safety, and quality seems to be Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home natural latex mattresses are made without chemicals and of nontoxic materials. The mattresses from Brentwood Home can contribute to overall well-being by providing a healthy sleep environment. Other models of mattresses do not feature Brentwood Home’s dedication to providing an all-natural, chemical and toxin-free natural latex mattress. The best customer is one who is well-informed. Your choice of mattress can affect almost every aspect of your life. Sleeping on a supportive mattress can even lead to a more productive day. It’s important to know as much as you can about the differences in mattresses to be able to make the best choice for you. Learn more about Brentwood Home mattresses on their website: