Natural Latex Mattress Staten Island

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex mattresses have grown in popularity as people become more conscious about consumption and quality control in the products they purchase. There is a wide variety of natural latex mattresses due to differing manufacturing process used to make the mattress. Blended products are difficult to prove as natural, as certification requires the sole source of mattress materials to be organic in nature. Petrochemicals are often used in the production of synthetic latex mattresses. Look for a mattress that says “natural" or “organic" latex has been used to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your mattress. Another benefit of natural materials is their ability to combat bed bugs and dust mites, as well as offering comfort and reduction of the body’s pressure points.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

Two possible benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress are targeted support and targeted pressure relief. If you have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, it could be that the mattress you have chosen does not have dedicated and targeted support and pressure relief points. Getting rest on a specialized natural latex mattress may be the sleeping change you need to make. Interestingly enough, there are only a few latex mattresses on the market that boast about their targeted support benefits. The best choice for these mattress specifications appears to be Brentwood Home. Five targeted support sections are used in the natural latex mattress by Brentwood Home. No latex mattress with this feature are currently available from BeautyRest Black or TempurPedic. The mattresses produced by Brentwood Home also offer three targeted pressure relief zones. Targeted pressure relief is not available from Stearns&Foster or Saavta latex mattresses.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

Important factors to look at are the materials that mattresses are made of. Be sure to look for labels that certify that the mattress contains non-toxic materials and that the materials were not treated with any chemicals. There are many mattress manufacturers that use materials that contain chemicals or even materials that are considered toxic or that can break down over time of use. Toxins could trigger health problems or aggravate existing ones. The latex mattresses from prominent brands such as Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, and Tempurpedic haven’t been certified as non-toxic. On the other hand, Brentwood Home natural latex mattresses have the certificate that guarantees their products are being made with non-toxic materials and treated with chemical free fire retardants. Always research before buying a mattress in order to choose the best solution for you and your family.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

Purchasing a mattress is a big decision, and one the average person only does once a decade. A Brentwood Home mattress is our clear winner in terms of comfort, materials, durability, and trustworthiness. You get both superior comfort and the knowledge that you purchased a product made of natural, sustainable materials. With their 25-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and 120-night in-home trial, you will feel confident in your decision to try a Brentwood Home natural latex mattress without risk. Contact Brentwood Home today to learn more about their complete line of mattresses and decide if one is right for you.