Natural Latex Mattress Philadelphia

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

What we call natural latex is a derivative of the sap harvested and collected from rubber trees. The sap is combined with various other organic compounds in order to make a gel-like material, which can then be formed into usable latex mattresses. Natural latex is a renewable and sustainable material free of contaminants or synthetic ingredients. Not only does it take less energy to produce a natural latex mattress, they tend to last longer than other types of mattresses and safeguard against health issues associated with synthetic materials. Natural latex mattresses tend to offer a firmer support that allows you to feel more relaxed and refreshed after a full night’s sleep. Further, natural latex has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties allowing them to repel dust mites and germs. Additionally, increased airflow through natural latex means a cooler mattress. Most major mattress manufacturers offer latex mattresses as part of their catalogue. It is important to note that the majority of those mattresses are made with some synthetic materials and not just natural latex.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

Sleeping on a latex mattress can offer targeted support and targeted pressure relief. Targeted support and pressure relief points or lack thereof may be hurting your amount of sleep if the mattress you chose doesn’t address this. Getting rest on a specialized natural latex mattress may be the sleeping change you need to make. The market only has a few latex mattresses that offer benefits from targeted support. After reviewing the specifications of several mattress brands, it appears that Brentwood Home offers the best options. Within the Brentwood Home natural latex mattress you’ll find five targeted support sections. Manufacturers such as BeautyRest Black and TempurPedic currently offer no latex mattresses with this feature. Brentwood Home also offers mattresses featuring three areas of targeted pressure relief. Stearns&Foster (S&F) and Saavta, on the other hand, do not offer any latex mattress options with targeted pressure relief.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

Oftentimes products, such as mattresses, retain the chemicals and toxic materials used in latex manufacturing. Both the source materials and the production process can be to blame for the presence of unwanted entities in your mattress. The designation “non-toxic" can be deceptive. There are certification processes that a company must adhere to in order to declare their products “non-toxic." Mattresses made with non-toxic materials are currently not offered by brands such as BeautyRest Black, S&F, Saatva, and TempurPedic. Brentwood Home mattresses are the only ones we reviewed that have been certified non-toxic and chemical free in the manufacturing processes. Mattresses may also be made more toxic by the addition of flame retardants in the manufacturing process. The law requires that all mattresses be treated with a flame retardant. There are a variety of methods, though, allowed for the treatment. Mattresses with chemical free fire retardants are only found at Brentwood Home, out of the companies we reviewed.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress is a major decision, and it is one made infrequently. Whether you are concerned with comfort, durability, materials, or trustworthiness, Brentwood Home is the clear winner. Now you don’t have to choose between quality comfort and natural materials. With their 25-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and 120-night in-home trial, you will feel confident in your decision to try a Brentwood Home natural latex mattress without risk. Contact Brentwood Home today to find out more about their complete line of mattresses and decide if one is right for you.If you’re interested in a Brentwood Home mattress, contact them today to learn more.