Natural Latex Mattress Indianapolis

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees which is harvested and collected by tapping the trunks. The sap is mixed with other organic compounds to form a gel-like material which is then processed using several varying methods to produce the latex used to make mattresses. If natural latex is made properly, it is renewable, sustainable, and free of synthetic materials. It takes less energy to produce natural latex, provides longer life to mattresses (up to 25 years), and safeguards against health issues found when using synthetic mattresses. A natural latex mattress is more durable, with a feeling that “bounces back," providing firm support that leads to a refreshed “get-up-and-go" feeling when one wakes in the morning. Yet another attractive property of natural latex is that it naturally repels dust mites and germs. Additionally, increased airflow through natural latex means a cooler mattress. Most major mattress manufacturers offer latex mattresses as part of their catalogue. It is important to note that the majority of those mattresses are made with some synthetic materials and not just natural latex.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

Before you decide to buy a natural latex mattress keep in mind several important things. Number one - the targeted support and targeted pressure relief of the mattress. Targeted support refers to the areas from where you get the most support from the mattress. The number of targeted support zones vary from mattress to mattress and the places where the targeted support is applied also differs. Whether the mattress is expensive or not it doesn’t have anything to do with the number of targeted support zones. Some major mattress brands like Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, and Tempurpedic, don’t have any targeted support zones in their latex products. Also, the price range of their mattresses is between $1500-$7000. In comparison, Brentwood Home offers natural latex mattresses with five targeted support zones priced between $795-$1795. When you go shopping for a latex mattress you should also keep in mind targeted pressure relief. These zones are responsible for stress relief in the areas that are most prone to building up the stress during the night. Again, the more expensive mattress isn’t the guarantee for the pressure relief zones. The major mattress brands such as Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, or Tempurpedic don’t make their latex mattresses with specifically targeted pressure relief. Brentwood Home latex mattresses offer up to three zones. For a restful and deep sleep you should look for mattresses that include both targeted support and the pressure relief zones. This guarantees that you will have the support you need while relieving any pressure build up in your body. With these qualities you will get the relief and the support your body needs. This is especially true for people with injuries, pre-existing conditions, and for senior citizens.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

It is a sad fact that many mattresses on the market today can have ill effects on the health and well-being of users. Materials that are commonly used in many mattresses today can oftentimes be harmful. Synthetic materials are also problematic when it comes to bacteria; they tend to breed more and do not effectively prevent against growth. Two ways to determine if a mattress is nontoxic are to check whether it has been certified as such and whether it has been treated with chemical free fire retardants. In order to obtain certification as nontoxic, a mattress must be made from only natural materials. Additionally, the law requires all mattresses to be treated with fire retardant materials during production. The fire retardant materials used are typically made of harmful chemicals, but there are natural alternatives. It appears neither BeautyRest Black, Saatva, Stearns and Foster, nor Tempurpedic hold nontoxic certifications for their latex mattresses. The inference is that their products contain at least some potentially toxic synthetic materials. Also, all of their latex mattresses use chemicals to meet the fire retardant standards. One brand stands out as holding nontoxic certifications and using chemical free fire retardants, Brentwood Home. If health and wellness are major concerns for you and your loved ones, it may be a wise choice to learn more about what your mattress is made of. Don’t forget that you are spending a good one-third of your life in close proximity to one.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

The decision to purchase a new mattress is a major one, and it is often only done every ten years or so. Whether you are concerned with comfort, durability, materials, or trustworthiness, Brentwood Home is the clear winner. Now you don’t have to choose between quality comfort and natural materials. Feel confident when you try a Brentwood Home mattress thanks to their 25-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and 120-night in-home trial. Contact Brentwood Home today to find out more about their complete line of mattresses and decide if one is right for you.If you’re interested in a Brentwood Home mattress, contact them today to learn more.