Natural Latex Mattress Fayette

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

As people become more aware of consumption and quality control in purchased products, natural latex mattresses have grown in popularity. There is a wide variety of natural latex mattresses due to differing manufacturing process used to make the mattress. Sourcing from organic resources is required to be considered “natural". Petrochemicals are often used in the production of synthetic latex mattresses. Look for a mattress that says “natural" or “organic" latex has been used to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your mattress. Natural latex also offers protection against bed bugs, dust mites, among other allergens.

Targeted Support and Targeted Pressure Relief

Before you decide to buy a natural latex mattress keep in mind several important things. Firstly, the targeted support and targeted pressure relief of the mattress. Targeted support refers to the areas from where you get the most support from the mattress. Mattresses vary on the number of targeted support zones and where that targeted support is applied. Believe it or not the more expensive the mattress does not mean it has the most targeted support zones. Looking closely at some of the major mattress brands on the market, such as Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, and Tempurpedic, you will find that their products do not offer any targeted support zones. Additionally, the price point of their mattresses is between $1500-$7000. Brentwood Home, on the other hand, offers natural latex mattresses with five targeted support zones, and they offer mattresses between $795-$1795. Also, keep in mind targeted pressure relief when buying a latex mattress. These zones are responsible for stress relief in the areas that are most prone to building up the stress during the night. Still, the higher prices are not guaranteeing that your mattress will have more pressure relief zones. None of the major mattress brands on the market that we reviewed, including Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, or Tempurpedic have latex mattresses with targeted pressure relief zones. Brentwood Home makes natural latex mattresses which are offering up to three pressure relief zones. To get the best night’s sleep, your mattress should have both targeted support and targeted pressure relief zones. At the same time, your body will receive the support and relief. This will be the most useful for people with injuries, pre-existing conditions, and for senior citizens.

Non-Toxic Materials and Chemical Free Fire Retardants

We should also consider the materials that mattresses are made of. Look for labels that certify that the mattress contains non-toxic materials and that the materials were not treated with any chemicals. A number of manufacturers use toxic materials or materials that are considered toxic and can break over a period of time. These toxins could eventually evoke health problem or worsen existing health conditions. The leading mattresses brands on the market like Stearns and Foster, BeautyRest, and Tempurpedic don’t have certification that their mattresses are non-toxic. On the other hand, Brentwood Home natural latex mattresses have the certificate that guarantees their products are being made with non-toxic materials and treated with chemical free fire retardants. Do your research before making a final decision on which mattress to purchase to ensure you are getting the right mattress for you and your family.

Our choice is a Brentwood Home Mattress

When comparing these specific manufacturers, BeautyRest Black, Tempurpedic, Stearns and Foster, Saatva, and Brentwood Home, the best option in terms of materials, features, health/safety, and quality seems to be Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home natural latex mattresses are made with certfied nontoxic materials adn are completely chemical free. Latex mattresses from Brentwood Home help create a healthier sleep environment. Other models of mattresses do not feature Brentwood Home’s dedication to providing an all-natural, chemical and toxin-free natural latex mattress. Well informed customers make the best customers. Your mattress choice can actually affect many aspects of your life outside the bedroom.Several aspects of life outside the bedroom can be affected by the mattress you choose. A good night’s rest on a mattress that supports the body and rejuvenates and refreshes can make all the difference in how one experiences life itself day in and day out. It is important for you to research the differences between potential mattresses before you buy to make sure you are making the best decision. Find out more about Brentwood Home products on their website: